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Prague Castle in Detail

This comprehensive tour that allows you to make the most of your time there, unlike other city tours that offer a shorter stop.

Vysehrad Castle and Casemates

The original medieval residence, set on a rock above the Vltava River, was later converted into a Baroque fortress surrounding a peaceful park that offers spectacular views of the city.

Karlstejn Castle Private Tour

Travel back in time to 14th-century Bohemia on a private 5-hour tour to Karlstejn Castle. The half-day excursion is a great opportunity to dive deeper into Czech history and spend some time away from the busy capital.

Most Renowned Castles of the Czech Republic

Kroměříž Archbishop Castle

Currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this castle is regarded as a picturesque castle with beautiful interiors.

Kost Castle

Kost Castle is the best-protected Gothic château in the Czech Republic tucked in thick woods.

Orlik Castle

Once the home to Field Marshall Charles Philip, the authority of the associated armed forces against Napoleon at the Battle of Leipzig, this castle has been home to numerous Bohemian rulers throughout hundreds of years.

Czech Republic Travel Tips

  • 01

    Always carry along your passport

    Needless to say, passports should be carried along wherever one decides to visit in the Czech Republic.

  • 02

    Abide by the local laws

    This should be the most seriously followed Czech Republic travel tip. One should avoid jaywalking in the streets, unlike in India.

  • 03

    Czech food

    Czechs are not vegetable lovers, but every other permutation and a combination of meat and bread can be found.

Heroes Behind the Company

Our tours include preserved Castles and beautiful historical towns with some situated not far from Prague. We also include an English speaking, fully qualified guide. It is also possible to order a guide speaking other main languages as long as it is specified beforehand.

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